New Year Message

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Jan 3, 2016 07:11
I would like lang-8 friends to correct my new year message to my team members on 4th Jan, please.

A Happy New Year.
I would like to convey the principals of 2016.
The keyword is “Synergy”.
I will explain about “Synergy” in another way that “from individual fighting to group fighting”.
We can’t survive in the severe competitions without synergy power.
I want you to consider “Synergy” with the following two questions in your mind.
Firstly, “How you can use your ability to maximize the organizational power?”
This question will guide you to the right direction in your business activities.
You should complement expertise knowledge and experiences which you don’t have, with the experts in our organization.
You should outsource the tasks of which you are not in charge, to the people who are in charge or using the technologies.
Sharing information such as the sales reports and staff schedules is the base infrastructure of maximizing the organizational power.
Secondly, “Which abilities you should improve in order to use the functions of the organization at the maximum?”
You must realize that we can’t fight in group without strong individual ability in the right place.
I navigate our organization using the synergy which we generate, to reach our goal efficiently.
Let’s move ahead together.
Thank you.