Nixon Library

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Feb 10, 2014 20:30
I went to Nixon Library with my family.
I had been interested in the museum as a special party venue for our corporate customers, because the library has a banquet room, which copied the banquet room in Whitehouse.
We can arrange a party in which the guests are served with the same menu as the Nixon had treated the VIP guests from the world during he was the President.
It was interesting that there is an old small house at the corner of the garden of the museum, at which the President was born.
We could enter the small house, which has been preserved as the president was living in his childhood.
In the library, there are a lot of exhibitions about his glory and failure career.
I wanted to see them in detail, but my kids didn’t allow me to do that.
I want to study his autobiography and come back to see them again.
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