Unexpected Problems

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Oct 28, 2014 20:46
I went to DMV to take a driving test for motorcycle license.
At the reception, my test appointment was declined, because my motorcycle was a rental one.
The receptionist pointed out the sentence in the contract document of the rental motorcycle, which said that the motor cycle couldn’t be used for test.
Then, I looked for a motorcycle in the DMV, which I could rent.
I found it and asked the owner to rent it explaining the situation.
He kindly accepted my sudden request.
However, we found that the horn of the motorcycle didn’t work.
As there was no motorcycle in DMV aside from it, I gave up taking the test.
When I returned the motorcycle at the shop, the shop clerk told me that they had been renting their motorcycle for the test everyday and he had never heard about my case.
He added that if I took the test at the DMV near the shop, he guaranteed I could take the test.
He also offered they would lend the motorcycle to me for free next test.
I learned a lot from the problem.
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