Ebola Fear

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Oct 22, 2014 22:01
The anxiety for Ebola is increasing among the Japanese tourists who are planning to travel to the US, although there are only two Ebola patients in the US at this moment.
Three group tours were canceled already in our company because of the Ebola fear.
We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about Ebola from our sales offices in Japan since last week.
Yesterday, a sales office which will handle a tour to the LA for 6 days next month, asked us about hospitals in LA which can treat the Ebola patients in case that the participants of the group are infected by the Ebola during their staying here.
It will take a few weeks that the Ebola symptom appears to our body since the virus infects to us.
It means that if they will be treated Ebola at a hospital in LA, the patients are infected by Ebola in Japan.