Hanzawa Naoki

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Sep 22, 2013 22:18
Yesterday, I broke a rule which I had set when I moved to the US.
It is that I don’t watch a TV program or movie in Japanese while living in the US because of my English study.
The title of the drama which I watched, was “Hanzawa Naoki”.
On the day before yesterday, I learned from my colleague that the series of the weekly drama is very popular in Japan, whose average ratio of watching people in Japan is about 40%, and the last episode will be on air tonight.
I came home and asked my wife if she knew the drama.
Of course, she knew it and furthermore, she had watched all episodes.
I was curious about such a popular program and watched it at last.
It was fun and made me watch more episodes.
However, I couldn't violate my rule any more.
I found a site, which provides the drama with English subtitle.
I will watch other episodes without Japanese sound with English subtitle.
It doesn't violate my regulation.