Earth, Wind and Fire

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Apr 26, 2012 21:56
I attended a closing party of POWWOW that is the biggest trade show of the tourism industry in the U.S.
The party had been scheduled to be held at an open-air venue.
However because of the weather forecast of rain, the venue was changed to a place where the big tent could be set.
The number of the attendees at the party must have been more than four thousands.
It was troublesome for the event operator to change the big venue suddenly.
At the entrance, beautiful ladies wearing sexy costumes welcomed us with their dance to the live music.
In the tent, it was huge disco with the band stage.
The taste of the meals from a famous restaurant was delicious, although it didn’t have much variety.
The main attraction was the live of “Earth, Wind and Fire”.
The choice of the band was great, because the average age of the attendees was around 45, I guess.
Unfortunately I left the party before their live stage because of my bad health condition.
I wanted to dance to their hit number "September".