Pann's Restaurant & Coffe Shop

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Aug 18, 2014 18:59
Yesterday, my family went to a restaurant called Pann’s for lunch, which I had wanted to go for long time.
The restaurant was located between my house and downtown LA.
Whenever I passed by the front of the restaurant on the way to the downtown, its fifties outlook got my attention through my car window.
When we arrived at the restaurant at 11 am, there was a waiting line for twenty minutes.
The inside was really fifties’ diner, which I love.
We ordered their specialties, fried chickens, omelets and onion rings.
All of those typical American foods were yummy, especially crispy and well-seasoned fried chickens.
The waiters and waitress were kind and courtesy.
The restaurant is a really recommendable one where we can feel America.
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