California Academy of Sciences

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Oct 23, 2013 22:38
Yesterday, I attended a monthly lunch meeting held by the association of Japanese travel agencies in Los Angeles.
California Academy of Sciences sponsored the lunch and made a presentation about the museum in the meeting.
The presentation by the two men from the sales division of the museum was brilliant.
They explained eloquently about how unique and attractive their facility is and programs, and how helpful their support for the travel agencies is.
I learned a lot, even though I have visited the museum.
There are various kinds of unique programs like a visiting the behind of the exhibits with a scientist or a camping at the aquarium.
They boasted of the high ratio of the adult visitors, which shows the value of the exhibitions.
It’s only place on the planet to combine an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum, four story rainforest, and research institution-all under one living roof.
We can enjoy the facility as not only the museum but also party venue.
When I go to San Francisco in December, I’m planning to attend an every Thursday event, “NightLife”, in which we can enjoy music, science, entertainments and cocktails, while experiencing the Academy’s world-class exhibits.