NO1 Izakaya in LA

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Feb 8, 2014 23:00
Day before yesterday, I went to an izakaya which is Japanese style pub with my subordinate and our business partner.
The name of the izakaya is “Hachi” near our office in Torrance-city, California.
The atmosphere was very casual.
However, the foods there were amazing, especially sashimi, not only fish but also beef.
There were some menus which we can’t eat at other restaurants in the US, like boiled soft roe.
I wonder how they get these fresh and good quality ingredients, which we can't find at supermarkets in the US..
Young waitresses were brisk and courtesy.
Of course, the restaurant is so popular that all seats were occupied on that day.
I recommend “Hachi” to people who want to enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine in a casual mood in South California