Why are we busy?

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Oct 22, 2013 21:27
It is one of the most important abilities for a leader to leave his or her job up to team members.
Some of our competent managers tend to do most of their jobs by themselves.
They say that doing a task by themselves was much faster than leaving it up to their subordinates, or their subordinates’ skill is not reliable to leave it up.
In my case, I try to outsource my jobs to others as long as the jobs don’t require my own skill, although I don’t always leave my jobs to others properly.
I read an article about the five knacks for leaving the job up to others.
First of all, clarify the detail and the deadline.
Second, check the progress periodically.
Third, don’t push your own way.
Fourth, prepare for the failure.
Fifth, share the responsibility.
All of them are nothing special, but not easy for us to implement.
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