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Jul 17, 2009 18:35 情感
Aim at resolving that very feaze,I took action Yestoday night. haha~It's turned out to be a comedy. I wanted to let you know that news yesterday, but too late to be networked. Haha~I hope it's not yet too late~ And now, I am still single~However, I am very relaxed.
I was really very brave last night, and I express my mind derectly, what made me regret was I didn't bring a handchraft with me, sweat may ruin my so called "heroic image" . Er~I was afraid that must have shocked that boy who I chased after. He only said that we didn't match each other. Then here came the silence. I tried to prove that we have many in common, But a short message was coming at that moment><#.
My close friend asked me for fun, then he was involved in my story, I trust him very much, so I told him everything and ask him to handle of the awkward situation I had made. As you can imagine what may happen, haha~I didn't want to lose my face. Acyually I get another close friend last night.
Prosess is more important than result, And I been taking it all for granted.