I'm Tired

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Jul 13, 2009 00:19
Hi~my dear friends! long time no see~ I miss you very much! I'm sorry for disappearing so long. Last month I was busy with my final exam and CET6, so I kept myself away from computer nearly one month. You will forgive me, won't you? : )
To be frank, I really hate hectic life. But unfortunately, we have to live a fast tempo life of modern time. Everyday we think about our future and our duty or something else. Take me for example, nowadays, I was engaged in those series of examinations of CPA. In order to pass them, I should stay with books , mp3s , videos day and night. I feel helpless when so many questions around my head, then I must conquer them one by one . Oh, I am tired of this kind of life. maybe I am not really cut out to be a accountant. It not my original thought. whereas I am ineffective in being a excellent accountant.
You may say we just have no choice to change our old way. As it for me,I have spent over two years to learn accounting, if I try another new area, it would be a big challange for me!
Am I too lazy? I don't know! however it is certain that I am very tired and that drives me crazy!
Sorry for relieving my bad feelings in front of you!