It's my secret

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Feb 22, 2011 00:15
I'm gonna confess something.
I admit I am in love with him (;;) sad...
We are close.I know he had crush on me before.
Actually I had good feeling for him too, but I had beloved boyfriend at that time.
Then, When I broke up with my ex, he has already girlfriend, then he got married last year.
And now I am seeing someone,I like him, care for my boyfriend.
But somehow we are getting closer and closer.
I really trust him and feel happy when we talk...
To tell the truth, I got impression "We are connected. We are same kind person" when I saw him for the first time....6 years ago?

Both he and I feel something each other.But we don't do anything,coz we are not kids but adults.We don't screw our relationship.

Timing is everything. Does this sentense make sense?

I just don't wanna screw our relationship. I wanna keep and cherish it.
Hopefully our friendship last long time.....
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