the other friend.

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Dec 21, 2008 09:33
When I was elementary school student, at that time rollerskating is so had populared.
So I used to play with my friends every day.
One day, I played with 2friends rollerskating.
Suddenly I slipped and fell, my left ankle sprained.
It was really really painful.
Two friends approached me and said "are you Ok?"
actually I wasnt ok cause I felt nearly die but I replied I'm ok.
As It was so painful I couldnt dare to go home alone by walk
but my character is a little ______(not outgoing)
so I couldnt ask to help me.
One friend said me "shall I take you home?"
I said by courtesy "no, I can go home alone" (OK!! please..T_T!!)
at that time the other friend said to one friend
"dont care, she said she can go home alone"
Though I was really really painful so I couldnt think anything
but then I could think this.. 'Bitch!!' :-( I could certify our friendship!!!
Anyway finally I said I will go home alone and went to home alone nealy creeping.
Arrived at home I (kept my bed? confined to my bed?) and next day I wore a cast.
After, though I went through that happening I got along with the other friend well but I hate her and really thanked to one friend,
First, I still blamed in my mind after parted from her. but since when I dont remember her name just remember the kind friend.
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