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Nov 18, 2009 19:28
Do you know google earth? It is a free soft wear which is serviced by and a glove which we can watch via the Internet. Since it is very interesting for me, I enjoy watching my area's map with 3D recently.

When you write your acquaintances' address on google earth, you can visit there in virtual. You can know his/her neighborhood. It makes you feel as if you is traveling around his/her neighborhood.
When you chat with your foreign friend, if your friend tell you his/her address, search the neighborhood together. It is more fun.

Today when I chatted with my best friend, Zac, he and I enjoyed searched my new place. I have a plan to move another place from here. He also have a plan to stay my new house in his summer break. Therefore, he and I are curious my new town. When I chatted with him, I showed him the information's website of my new place. While we were chatting, we opened the website and google earth at the same time and searched around my neighborhood. I could find many nice restaurants near my house.
I also found shopping males, English conversation schools, historical places, parks and so on.

I must move another place every 5 to 9 years because of my husband's business transfer. However, I don't like to transfer because I can't adjust myself easily. Therefore, while I was watching the new place with Zac via the Internet, I came to expect to move to new place.
I'm really looking forward to go around the places where I searched with Zac after I move to the new place. And I also look forward to visit there with Zac next summer.

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