I Need To Push Myself More!

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Nov 9, 2009 19:48
I think I'm a diligent English learner, and basically I prefer to speak English to speak Japanese. Because when I speak Japanese, I'm not so talkative but when I speak English, I become a people person. I like my character with speaking English.

However, recently I have been very tired to pack stuff in my house because of moving. Today I skipped two conversations of my language exchange partners. I speak English for four to six hours everyday but I spoke English only for two hours today. It was my worst record!

When I can't speak English enough time( in my case enough time to speak English is four hours a day at least), I become very nervous and anxious about maybe I won't be able to speak English tomorrow.
I know that it is nonsense but I can't help thinking about this negative thought.
In my right situation it is hard for me to have enough time to speak English everyday. Because I must prepare to move another place and on the other hand, I want to keep time to speak English more. In addition, If I can't speak English, I feel stressed and frustrated a lot.
I would like to have much time over twenty four hours a day!!!
I need to push myself more and manage my time better.
Tomorrow I will have a plan to speak English for seven hours.