Living in a Downtown VS Living in a Countryside

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Dec 23, 2018 22:40
Living in a Downtown VS Living in a Countryside

Hi there! Nice to meet you! I have been on Lange-8 for ten years and been posting journal entries almost every day, but I had never attended this kind of writing meeting up before. I think this is unique and interesting. I hope I can read lots of people's essays about the same theme in English.

Anyway, I would like to write about my opinion about this theme. I am so-called 転勤族 because of my husband's job and have moved around to live in different places more than eight times. I also have short studied abroad to learn painting both in the States and Italy many times. So, I have seen countrysides both in Japan and outside of Japan.

I think countrysides in Japan and Italy are kind of similar, but countrysides in the States are quite different. I have stayed at a countryside in Kentucy with my American friends and in Idaho with my other American friends. Boh were quite quiet places because I hardly could see neighbors. There was nothing like supermarkets, post offices, restaurants except their houses. I could hear lots of nature sounds and the night view of sky was awesome. I saw lots of stars. However, I was scared of that we didn't have neighbors because I was not used to the situation.

On the other hand even in countrysides in Japan or Italy, we have at least so-called comvinient stores or small local shops. Both countries are much smaller than the States, and when we walk, we can get anything we want. Even so, in Italian most of shops close on Sundays and it's very annoying. When we forget buying something, we can't get it until the following day. I am spoiled in Japan and I can't come to get used to it.

So, I prefer living in Japan, especially a suburb in Japan. That's because rent is cheaper and a house is wider. It's convenient to go to a downtown as well.

Thanks for reading my journal entry. I hope you are having lovely holidays!
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