Now that’s what I call a Pro.

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Feb 28, 2013 06:30
Now that’s what I call a Pro. 

What is a professional taxi driver?

Or do you think working a taxi driver can earn a substantial amount of money?

Well, if you were him (man in picture) you may.

Don’t know the reason?

If you can spot in front of him there is a row of mobile phones. (4 units)

He is not working alone but also leading a group of others.

That is “the pro” and he did deserve to earn more than other taxi driver.

たから、この仕事は軽蔑しないと、「ワーキング プアー」の仕事実際がありませんが。
So don’t look down on such job or any job that you think maybe kind of “working poor”.

世の中に「ワーキング プアー」仕事とは言えません、自分は嫌いの仕事とは「ワーキング プアー」仕事は言うしかです。
That is no such thing call “working poor” only you think this is a poor job that you don’t want to work.

So think positive and work smart.