Tomorrow is another “make or break” “now or never” day for you

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Apr 8, 2014 09:28
Life is always like that you get success, you get beaten, you get success again and you get beaten again. That is what they call the spice of a life.

The stakes were so high you got to “all in” and fully committed yourself but that still won’t guarantee a home run for you.

We are all living in an unfair world and fight hard to found our own fairness.

The roads are tough and you will get stumble all the time.

You can cay but you can’t quit.

人生は一回しかなことです、「失敗は狗雄」「成功は英雄」Do or Die.
Start form zero (again) and hoping someday to become a hero. That is life and you only got “one”.