Weight Control vs. Emotion control

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Dec 9, 2011 23:45
In the management world we often here this famous quote

If you can’t manage your weight that means you doesn’t have the ability to manage someone else.

Because if you can manage your weight successfully, people can see that from your appearance.

例えば、我が夢はsix packような腹筋ははしいですけど、この人生はできなかったと思います。たぶん、来世は起こるかもしれません。
For example I always dream to have a six pack in me belly but that is no way I can promise that I can do it in this life. May be the six pack dream will happen in my next life.

Actually I think the merit of weight control is show you how discipline yourself and in the manage world “discipline” did prove to be a success factor.

What is other factor can go beyond “discipline”?

I say is emotion control or know as EQ.

My current boss is kind of creature that the brain and mouth move at the same time.

And he is easily got up sad or excited by some tiny matters.

Can you imagine working with someone who is got more power then you but the emotion is keep changing all the time.

Anyone can help me?