I like to buy used stuff except car and cell phone.

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Jun 9, 2019 14:19
I like to buy used stuff except car and cell phone. I can't understand people buy brand-new geek stuff. Buying used stuff help saving money. And I can compare function of each product by reading review. For example, I bought iPad mini at 70 bucks last month. It's 700 dollars 4 years age. And still it's good enough. It respond slightly late, but I use it as Ebook viewer and music player. Cell phone is essential to communicate so I don't buy used stuff and quality of car is important to save life so I don't buy used car either. But except two things I bought used shoe used bicycle used speaker. I even bought used x-Ray and facilities when I opened clinic. In that way I don't have to work hard to earn money. And sometimes finding good used stuff is amusement for me as itself. I searched internet used market for 3 days to find useful bicycle which is cheap and good. And I didn't feel annoyed but I thought me like hunter looking around to hunt animal. And speaker I bought is still good. It was 200 bucks 6 years ago but now it's only 30 bucks and still good. And I buy kidult stuff too. I can buy character cap, character puzzle, character mouse pad, character statue etc. I collect overwatch character and mcu character.