My hobbies

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Jun 9, 2019 18:33
My hobbies

I like watching movie and playing game. And I like exercising and reading.

Watching movie.

I like watch movie. I really like watching movie so one day I should return my house from theater cause every movie being played was I watched already. I like marvel cinematic universe, and war movie based on history or true story. And movie about corruption in stock market or corrupted politicians, I like watching them. Come to think oof it, I like every non-fiction based movie and marvel cinematic universe. Dunkirk was amazing. Saving private Ryan was good. And band of brothers was also good. It's not movie, but it's made by Steven Spielberg like saving private Ryan. And I watched many war crime movie. Especially Somalia war crime movie was really sad and I can learn some lesson from history.

Playing game.

I really like blizzard game. But I have Xbox and PlayStation. And I have about 70 games my steam client. For me game is life itself. Nowadays pro game teams are making local team and league like baseball team. And I feel happy to see pro gamers are paid well, cause I feel approved about my game life. When I was student, game was considered bad thing for student and treated like alcohol or drug. But now situation is changed. Foreign gamers admire Korean pro gamer, and they come to Korea to trip to experience Korean pc bang and game stadium. I play overwatch. It's nominated 'game of the year'. It's FPS game. And another game I enjoyed for decades is mmorpg world of Warcraft. It was real big thing in game history. It changed every game company and culture. It still affect RPG games. And I play another goty game with Xbox and PlayStation. Do you know goty? It's short language for game of the year. And lovely steam. CEO of steam is gave Newell. He took my money with big discount. He always discount games ripped of money from me.

Reading books

And I love books, especially e-book. I use amazon kindle to read book written english, and use ipad mini to read book written korean. With e-book I don’t have to go book store or wait book delievery. And I don’t have to carry heavy books. Instead, I just have to carry 300g weighted kindle fire and 300g weighted ipad mini to read multiple book wherever. And in kindle fire, I don’t even have to open my electronic dictionary to search meaning of the word. All I have to do is just touch and hold word to see meaning of the word at same display. For me, it’s revolutionary change. With that system, I don’t have to cut off reading to use dictionary.
Anyway, I read book about computer programming, economics, science, ai, society. I know it’s typical man’s reading. But I often search amazon bestseller to buy books about love and marriage. With that book, I can understand world practically. I can understand myself better. I can feel comfortable. And actually it give me inspiration about stock market. I almost won money from stock market or cryptocurrency market. Books put me in forefront of investment field.
And I will buy few marvel comic book. It will help me chill out.


Do you know coin noraebang? If you don’t know what noraebang is, it’s karaoke. In korean language, norae means singing and bang means room. And coin noraebang is small room for singing which I pay with coin to use it. Theese days I finally came to sing high note. I watched video on youtube teaching how to sing high note. And it works. I can sing limchangjung’s ballad song easily now.

Listening edm

And I like listening edm. When studying or exercising, I need edm to concentrate on. For some of you, it can be odd that I need noisy edm to study well. But I mean it. I need edm to concentrate. I can’t read book in quiet library. I need white noise. Fast tempo music helps people to go on. And some people regroup fast tempo song and sell the album name as ‘workout song’.


I like swimming, cycling and running. You can know that I like triathlon. My goal is triathlon. But for beginners like me, triathlon is too hard so I will try olympic distance triathlon. It’s short, easier than real triathlon. 1.5 km swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running. I swim 2 days a week, run 2 days a week, and cycle 2 days a week. And on sunday, I do three execise all. Word record is 1 hour 40 minute. My recoed is 3 hour. And that’s why I challenge triathlon. After being dentist and opening clinic, I didn’t have goal except money. Money is important too though I felt bored that I had just one goal in my life. So I started reading books about science, execising and learning foreign language. And triathlon give me clear and definite goal to acheive.