Delivery services

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Jun 9, 2019 18:39
Delivery services

So many delivery app was made 4 years ago. From fast food like pizza or chicken, even salad and home made meals can be delivered to my home, working place or even park. But there's some limitation. I can't make them deliver 1 serving food. They deliver food at least 2 servings. It's because with 1 serving delivery, owner's can't make profit to pay delivery boy and chef. So I deliver food when I work with my staff. It's dis comfortable for me and staff. But technology is changing now rapidly. Robot started delivery. With robot delivery restaurant owner can save money to hire delivery boy, all they have to pay is just small electricity fee or small payment for company. And they will be able to even deliver for 1 serving. I'm happily looking forward introducing of new technology. And in a decade, there will be robot chef which can duplicate human chef's cook. It will be really big progress in human life. I think robot as bless from God.

Pizza takes 30 minute to deliver home and it's still warm cause they bring it within flat thermos. And pig leg foot we call it jockbal is also available. And ddukboki it's mix of rice cake and Korean hot sauce(name is gochujang). I can use app to deliver this food.