I’m not gay.(1)

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Jun 14, 2019 15:05
I’m not gay.(1)

When I say ‘I’m not gay’ in front of people, people wonder why I say like that or sometimes they feel odd. So I should explain why I say ‘I’m not gay.’

Actually my taste resemble with women. I like cosy and fancy cafeteria which serve with afternoon tea.(I can’t remember glamourous word for feminine cafe I like)I do nail care to have soft nail as dentist. And I like to go museum to enjoy beautiful painting. And also I go to opera hall to watch opera. And I avoid vulgar word in front of people(I use slang well when I’m alone. I use ‘ssibal’=fucking, ‘gaesaekki’=son of dog, etc). And I use soft word, I use feminine word.