There is suckchon lake near my house.

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Jun 9, 2019 14:13
There is suckchon lake near my house. It’s across from jamsil lotte tower. Surrounding the lake there’s jogging track which is 3000meter long. I occasionally walk around and it takes more than an hour for 3 circles. And there’s some event everyday. People float big duck balloon or etc. So I like to take a walk around suckchon lake. It helps me stay healthy. And 3 circles of running is fit for preparing olympic rule triathlon. There’s 10 km running course in olympic rule triathlon. And there are also tourist from other countrys. So I don’t have to be bored at suckchon lake when I work out. And facility of lotte tower is so good I can enjoy awesome restaurant and big amusement park. So I love suckchon lake.