The new paradigm : Mobile Learning

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Mar 18, 2017 10:26
The new paradigm : Mobile Learning

The proliferation availability mobile technologies with increasing numbers of features as well as the emergence of new learning theories make mobile learning which is considered as a new learning paradigm has raised a lot of attention over recent years. The existence of mobile technologies potentially gives alternative learning process and enables to delivery of instructional content whenever and wherever when needed. Mobile learning has a promising future for education.

When leveraging the affordances of mobile technologies for educational purposes, it takes into consideration of mobile technologies characteristics. The characteristics of mobile technologies are portable which enables learners to take the device to different places because of its light weight, social interaction associated with data exchange and interactivity with other learners, context awareness refers to the widespread and interconnectivity of mobile devices with the environment in which learners can gather and respond to real or simulated data just in time and just in place in appropriate context, connectivity in which learners can create mobile shared connection to other devices or a common network, and individuality refers to the ability of learners to customize and construct their learning.