Can You Accept That If You Confront Something...

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Dec 8, 2019 00:19 English
This evening, I received a package.

The package is a box of oranges and apples. This package was ordered from my mom.

She asked me for taking this package to another place because the package was too heavy to carry it.

I put the package on my scooter, and I rode my scooter pass an intersection.

Suddenly, I heard there was a loud voice of horns sounded by several scooters behind my back.

I glanced the left side of the driving mirror from my scooter. According to their appearances, they were probably a gang of hoodlum.

These groups of young people are numerous in Taiwan. They usually sound a loud and long voice of horns on the roads.

They probably want to show that they are great or they want to scare people. I don't know.

However, I was definitely irritated by their weird behaviour. I didn't do anything, I merely unsatisfied and leave the intersection.

When I went home, I told what I encounter to my mom. She criticize me that I didn't like a Christian.

Indeed. though I am a Christian, to be honest, I don't have such an ability to accommodate other people who did such a weird action.

I asked her that in case her relatives or siblings get injuries or encounter some worse situations, would she accept the murders or even forgive them?

She was angry and she thought that she didn't know how to communicate with me.

See, I merely told her about what I confronted, and she seems that she doesn't understand what I said. Perhaps this is a generation gap.