The first 100 reviews from some clients who traveled with me.

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Dec 10, 2019 08:24
Since I started my business as an English-Speaking tour guide, I served many travers almost three days a week.

I asked them for helping me about write a review after each of the trip ended.

Because this will definitely develop my career and reputation.

Now I detect that the total of the reviews I obtained are 100. This inspired me very much. This is the first 100 reviews from my tour guide career. Although most of the time some travers seem to unwilling leaving reviews for me, however, so far I didn't have any obvious negative reviews. Thanks to God.

The situation I encountered merely like a baseball hitter, when they accomplish the first 100 hits or home runs, they usually celebrate the achievement.

I also would like to thank every travellers who have travelled with me, no matter some of them didn't give me reviews, they are still my clients. I thanks God first, and I thanks some veteran tour guides who used to teach me about how to properly lead tour groups for a long time.