Practice Using Phrasal Verb、Idioms、Proverbs

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Mar 22, 2017 09:24 English
Commit to memory - I will commit it to my memory right away.

Crashing bore - The man is such an uncouth that I've never seen. He does a crashing bore!

Saving grace - Your theory does saving grace.

An odd fish - He is an odd fish that we don't understand his behavior.

Pale in comparison - If you put this planet in the vase, it's pale in comparison.

Seventh heaven - When I heard someone said that my pet came back, it makes me seventh heaven.

A match made in heaven - The couple get married, I do think they are a match made in heaven.

Man proposes God disposes - You don't have to anxious about your future. Well, because man proposes, God dispose, you just need to do your best on your own task.

記住 - 我會馬上記住

討厭鬼 - 我從沒遇過這麼沒教養的人,他真是個討厭鬼!

可取之處、可彌補某人的缺點或特質 - 你的理論的確有可取之處

古怪且難以理解的人 - 他真是個怪人,我們實在不瞭解他的行為

相形失色 - 如果你把這株植物放在這個盆栽裡,會相形失色

歡天喜地 - 當我聽到有人說我的寵物回來時,我簡直歡天喜地

天作之合 - 這一對情侶結婚了,他們真是天作之合

謀事在人成事在天 - 你不必擔心你的未來,因為謀事在人成事在天,你只要盡力做好你的工作就行