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Mar 6, 2017 10:41 English
The following lyrics is a song from Hong Kong people singer made.I just want to express when I heard this song,it makes me feel sadness,even though that event was happen for a long time,I still can remember when I listening this song.

(The following lyrics hasn't written by me,just copy on the internet from English version)

If those two words didn't tremble,I wouldn't have realized it was hard to bear.

how do you say it aloud,that it's just a break up.

If there's nothing more to ask from tomorrow,and we keep holding hands easily like traveling.

there are thousands upon thousands of doorways,someone is bound to leave first.

Since the embrace cannot linger,then why not,durning the last moments of departure,let it be enjoyed,let the tears flow.

Ten years ago,I didn't know you and you didn't belong to me.

yet we were still the same.accompanying a stranger left and right.

and walking on streets that became more and more familiar.

Ten years later,we became friends who can still greet one another.

except that kind of affection can no longer find a reason to embrace.Lovers,in the end,are bound to be reduced to friends.

It wasn't until after I was your friend for many years that I realized my tears,weren't only shed for you,they were also shed for everyone else.


如果那兩個字沒有顫抖 我不會發現 我難受
怎麼說出口 也不過是分手
如果對於明天沒有要求 牽牽手就像旅遊
成千上萬個門口 總有一個人要先走

懷抱既然不能逗留 何不在離開的時候
一邊享受 一邊淚流

十年之前 我不認識你 你不屬於我 我們還是一樣
陪在一個陌生人左右 走過漸漸熟悉的街頭
十年之後 我們是朋友 還可以問候 只是那種溫柔
再也找不到擁抱的理由 情人最後難免淪為朋友

直到和你做了多年朋友 才明白我的眼淚
不是為你而流 也為別人而流
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