Practice Making A Short Story

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Mar 11, 2017 16:18 English
(I'm going to take an English examination next weekend fell on Sunday(19th,March),composition is one of the part in my examination,although I still sensible threre are many spelling and grammar mistakes in my past few entries,finally I take my courage to take examination.)

The following story is merely for practice.

Procrinstinate is the theif of time,therefore,we had better to prepare something earlier.

This morning,Tina was chasing a bus,because she went to bus stop too late to arrvial at school on time.

When she arrival at school,she took an examination,but after she finished the examination,she found that her score was not ideal,only got 20 scores makes her felt sadness.

Lastly,she went back home,when she ready to open the door,she reminded that she forgot brought key,what a terrible situation she had !