Tomorrow I Gonna Take an English Examination

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Mar 19, 2017 00:51 English
Tomorrow I'm going to take an English examination, I feel anxious, the phenomenon usually happens when I take some examination.

The name of examination is ''General English Proficiency Test (abbreviation called GEPT), because of my English level is limited, therefore, I take elementary examination.

The test include writing short story approx. 50 words above,change the original sentence into another forms of English, the amount of time only give tester 40 minutes to incorporate their sentence structure.

However,I will do my best to achieve the challenge.

這個考試的全名是''全民英語能力檢定(according to English meaning that translate into Chinese directly is:一般性的英文能力熟稔度測試)(縮寫為GEPT),因為我的英文能力有限,所以我選擇參加初級程度的鑑測。