After I Finished My English Examination

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Mar 19, 2017 18:08 English
Today is my English examination,I just finished my test and ride my scooter come back my home.

I want to tell more details about today's examination. Because I was too nervous to calm down myself,some part of my test might lose scores preciously.

Right now I feel so regret that I was extremely anxious, some of basic English grammar structure that how dare I forgot in that moment.

For instance, when radio played the CD said:''DO YOU LIKE TO EAT FAST FOOD ? WHY OR WHY NOT?'' two times,and speaking speed is very slow that can allowed tester quite understand what is the question means.

However I was too anxious,guess what was my answer? I remember that my answer was ''YES,I DO. I LIKE TO EAT OUT FAST FOOD AND WE CAN GET QUICK TIME TO BOUGHT SOME FOODS.'' after I remind such stupid answer,it's drives me crazy.

About the question is very easy to answer, but I knew my grammar and syntax was wrong, when I noticed that, I realized that I couldn't restart it again.

Therefore,I'm praying to God that I can pass the examination. the result will announce on 11th,May(11/5/2017).