Some Thought Ater I read An Article

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Mar 9, 2017 12:51 English
Yesterday I was trying to read a headline from Yahoo.

I practice my reading skills,and find that I can understand approx. 65% above of vocabulary,therefore,I write my thought after I read the article.

The headline is reported about from The U.S Medical Association's research point out that a largr number of locals seldom ate nuts and vegetables,and almost 700,000 deaths in heart disease in 2012,when I reading this paragraph that I was astonisting why many people don't want to do something as a precaution to prevent disease happens.

Furthermore,according to the article said that American usually eat over-eaten include salt and salty foods,like bacon and change eating habit is important,.

In addition,researchers whose are studied in nutrient said,good ingredient for everyday's diet can be nuts,seeds,fruits,vegetables...etc.

If we could improve our body instead of cure illness,researcher said that we should absord some kind of food like above sentence.