Learning English Grammar Is Tediously

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Mar 20, 2017 16:34 English
Today I learnt some English grammar, the following sentences are my notes.

1. I recognize that we usually say (for instance)''Learn English is fun'' is wrong,need to add V-ing instead of original verb,because verb can't be the subject,therefore,the correct sentence is ''Learning English is fun''.

2. For another instance,''Marry her is my dream'' also incorrect,we must add ''to'' precede the word ''marry'', so the correct anwser is ''To marry her is my dream.

3.If we would expressing something that we already done and experienced, we use ''V-ing'', on the other hand, if we describle something we've never done or encounter, we use ''to...............''.

1.我明白我們常說(舉例)''Learn English is fun''是錯的,應該要加動名詞代替原本的動詞,因為動詞不能當做主詞用,因此正確的句子是''Learning English is fun''。

2.另一個例子,''Marry her is my dream'' 也是錯的,我們必須把'''to'加在''marry''的前面,因此正確的句子是''To marry her is my dream。