Now I'm going to tell my "romance experiences", or sh...

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Aug 27, 2017 12:05
Now I'm going to tell my "romance experiences", or should I say "stupid stories"? I have to say that I didn't have very high Emotional Intelligence, especially when it comes to LOVE, which makes me do stupid things. But I also learn from my mistakes, and trust me, I'm becoming better at this.
The first experience happened on the internet. It was this March, at that time I was in Tennessee, missing my homeland, feeling extremely lonely. One day I went through the posts on an vocabulary APP, and saw a girl's post looking for a handsome boy with good grades to be a friend of her. I was kind of boring so I commented, "I'm the one." A few minutes later she sent me a message saying hello. It surprised me a little because I didn't expect her to reply. Then I greeted him and went to classes. When I got home I explained that I was in US so I didn't reply in time. She seemed interested and we chatted a lot. I found a that we had a lot in common, plus she was kind and lively and I enjoyed talking to her. (To be continued)