I went to a football game yesterday and came home late.

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Aug 26, 2017 23:18
I went to a football game yesterday and came home late. I remember watching football game last year, but at that time I didn't really understand what was happening. This time I started to learn the rules and process. It was pretty interesting , although my team, which is my high school team, didn't perform well. When it was 4 minutes and 39 seconds toward the end, someone on our team was thrown to the ground in a faint. I think that guy got hurt pretty bad, people started to rescue him and called the ambulance. Then all of a sudden, the athletes of the rival team knelt down and started to pray. Our team members ran to them and did the same thing. The game didn't continue and the final score was 7 to 21. It surprised me that the audience didn't leave. Everyone waited in silence as the staff was trying to rescue the boy. Then the teachers of our school gathered students to pray for him. It impressed me how everyone was caring and warmhearted.
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