I'm not a very active person,sometimes I'm even shy to stra...

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Jan 17, 2017 10:35
I'm not a very active person,sometimes I'm even shy to strangers.
I've never had a girlfriend before, and I'm 17 now. I guess by the time I'm 71, I will still be single. However, that doesn't seem to disturb me. I cannot depend on loving someone to gain happiness.
Socializing is becoming a problem for me. I mean, it wasn't a problem just one year ago. And right now, well, I can count my friend with just one hand. What's more, our only connection is the internet, that's why chatting through internet apps has become the most important thing in my life.
But, friendship isn't something like money that you can earn it by working hard, it has to do with many factors. Besides, being alone isn't a bad thing. I always do something I like and think through many things in my free time.
I had known many truths about life while my friends were still playing hide and seek. But that didn't help me become a happier person. I can feel the differences between me and peers. I used to try to be like them and fade in, but now I know that it's important to be myself.
I've read many books, tales, and passages. It's amazing just to read about some awesome people and interesting thoughts. At the beginning of this year, I finally decided to write something on my own. Not only for knowing myself better, but also to improve my English-writing skills. So I guess this would be my first journal on this site.