The samurai who wore red armor - Episode 37 -

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Mar 16, 2017 09:40
Finally, Katsuyori declared.

"Even though we Takeda corps beat our oshi-daiko, but we never belle our hiki-gane."

oshi-daiko were drums used to instruct an army moving forward, and hiki-gane were gongs used to instruct an army moving backward.

In other words, he declared, "In the face of our enemy, we Takeda corps absolutely advance to battle with them, but we never retreat."

It was the moment decided that going down the mountain, and the Takeda corps attack against the Oda and Tokugawa corps.

Masakage still stoutly appealed to Katsuyori to change his decision.

"Don't confuse courage with recklessness."
勇気と無謀をはき違えてはなりません。 note:(はき違える/or混同する/or勘違いする)

However, Katsuyori said coldly to him.

"The flow of time is cruel."

"Have you become a coward with getting old? In spite of that you had been praised as 'the Invincible general' once."

(There is a heresy, he said "You seem being afraid to die in a battle although you are already middle‐aged.")

In this way, the cautious theories of masakage and the others was rejected.(for more info. about the cautious theories - Episode 34,35 -)

Katsuyori announced.

"We will move our corps to Kiyoida late tonight".

From the place, there was a distance of only about 2km to Shitara-gahara where the Oda and the Tokugawa allied forces were waiting.

The time of the decisive battle was approaching.

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