A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 25 -

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Jan 26, 2017 18:57
矢文(やぶみ yabumi)is a letter tied to an arrow.

It had been used as a means of communication between enemies and allies by shooting into opponent's castle or camp etc.

A samurai who wore red armor - Episode 25 -

Su-ne-e-mon was taken on a small hill in the northwest of Nagashino Castle by soldiers of the Takeda soldiers.

It was located in the place where could be looked down well from the center section of the Castle.

Already by the 矢文 from the Takeda corps, the soldiers of Nagashino Castle who had been informed that Su-ne-e-mon being captured by them and there is an important announcement from him at the hill at noon, gave a grievous cry noticing Su-ne-e-mon bound with rope not to be able to get away.

(There is also a different view that it was done at an earlier time.)

All of the gaze from the Takeda corps who had nearly 20,000 soldiers and Nagashino Castle who had about 500 soldiers, were focussed on Su-ne-e-mon only.

As receiving the eyes of fellow soldiers like praying, Su-ne-e-mon deeply inhaled air to fill his lungs with it, and he shouted at the top of his voice without hesitation.

"Everybody, mark my words! This is the good news for which you are longing!"

"Our lord has promised the reinforcements, they will arrive at here within 2or3 days together with the Oda corps."

"If you can persist holding this castle until then, you will be able to absolutely survive!"

The next moment, they gave a very loud shout of joy.

(It is expressed the documents regarding this battle that they raised a shout of joy as if 'a large waterfall were flowing backward'.)

However, Katsuyori who noticed the intent of Su-ne-e-mon, got angry like a blaze, and he cried out.

" Kill him! Right now!"

In another instant, Su-ne-e-mon's whole body numerous spears stabbed.

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