Dear compatriots,

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Feb 24, 2017 00:22

Dear compatriots,
I am addressing you for the last time to tell you my wishes as President of the Republic.
So let's allow me to give you two advices. The first one, do not separate equality from fraternity. They are two ideals difficult to reach but they are the most important values in every democraties. The second one, do not separate France's excellence from european's construction. It's a new dimension for all of us and our ambition for the next century. Enlarge European Union, obviously, but not weaken it. You see we have a great job to achieve...
Don't doubt about it, the future of our country goes throught European Union. While serving our country, we serve Europ....
Dear compatriots, I am not learning anything to anyone when reminding you that the presidential elections will run in four months. It's an important appointment that France gives herself.
Next year, it will be my successor that will express his wishes to you. Anywhere I'll be, I will listen to him, my heart fully grateful about french people that delegate me his destiny such a longtime and I'll be hopeful for everyboby.
I believe in spirit's forces and I'll never leave you....

Speech for the new year, F. Mitterrand december the 31th, 1994