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Feb 22, 2017 19:56
A former gangster, converted back into a boats rental agency' boss, hear about his best friend dying.
Before he dies, he implored his friend to take care of his daughter, a crazy girl who prefers to have parties than to be a wise student. Furthermore, he has to struggle with a rival bunch. He just want to end his life at peace and honestly.

This scene takes place in the kitchen where the main character and three friends are sitting around a table. It's the party in the house. Every bottles are empty. Unfortunately, they have no alcohol to drink, except …. an old forgotten bottle in the bottom of a cupboard.

- Usual drinks have been pirated by the kids.
- What do we do ? We can take a risk with this strange bottle.
- It will rejuvenate nobody.
- So we are saved !
The butler enter the kitchen.
- Then, you get out the vitriol !
- Why are you saying that ?
- It seems honest.
- Without being frankly dishonest, at the first sight it seems to be fierce !
- It sounds like a mexican's drink coming back from the good times.
-We had to stop producing it. Because some customers turn blind. So it makes affairs for nothing.
The butler put the drink into the glasses.
Everybody watch the others with a suspicious regard.
- You must admit it. It's brutal.
- You are right. It's strange, isn't it?
- I knew a polish girl who drunk it at every breakfast.
- Anyway you can also admit that it's a man's beverage.
- Do you know what it reminds me ? This sort of funny thing we used to drink in Bien Hua, near Saïgon.
-The red shutters and the boss hotel, a blond like that .
- Goodness ! What was her name ?
- Lulu from Nantes !
- I detect a taste of apple.
Tears flow down his cheek.
-There is some.
- Well, it's in front of her house that Lucien the Horse was murdered.
- And who did that ?
- Oh, I feel strange in my head
- By teddy from Montréal, a fool that used to work with dynamite
- Ah, what a period !
Some of them can't raise their head anymore.
- You can say, well, there is not only apple. There's something else.
- Could it be some beet ?
- yeah, there's some too.
From "shooting uncles", G. Lautner's movie
Le tout-venant a été piraté par les mômes.
Qu'est-ce qu'on fait. On se risque sur le bizarre.
Ca va rajeunir personne.
Nous voilà sauvés.
Tiens, vous avez sorti le vitriol ?
Pourquoi vous dites ça ?
Il a l'air honnête.
Sans être franchement malhonnête, il  a l'air assez furieux.
Il date du mexicain, du temps des grandes heures.
On a du arrêter la fabrication, il y a des clients qui devenaient aveugles. Alors ça faisait des histoires.
Ah, il faut reconnaître, c'est du brutal.
Vous avez raison. Il est curieux, hein ?
J'ai connu une polonaise qu'en prenait au petit déjeuner.
Faut quand même admettre que c'est plutôt une boisson d'homme.
Tu sais pas ce qu'il me rappelle ? Cette espèce de drôlerie qu'on buvait dans une tôle de Bien Hua, pas tellement loin de Saïgon.
Les volets rouges et la taulière, une blonde comme ac.
Lulu, la nantaise !
Je lui trouve un goût de pomme.
Il y en a.
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