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Mar 30, 2011 19:34
Correct me these sentences please.

1) At the top of the advertissing, we can see the slogan "help reduce the population" (based on the responsibility). In the foreground, there is a glass with ice cubes and coca-cola (pepsi) inside. At the bottom, there is the description of the drink "There's only one colorie in a can". This glass looks like good and refreshing.

2) On the right of the picture and in the foreground, we can distinguish a watch (from Tag Heuer). Brad Pitt, a famous american's actor is wearing this watch with a beautiful leather jacket. He looks like sexy and proud to wear this one. On the right, in the background, we can see Tag Heuer's logo and slogan. Moreover, the slogan "Waht are you made of" shows the possession of the watch. This is the stereotype of the beautiful man.

3) The target of the first ad are principally teenagers.However, this advert can adress to people who drink pepsi.

4) The targert of the second advertissing adress to adults'man.

5)The first ad appeal to responsibility. Indeed, at the top of the advertising, the slogan "Help reduce the population" means you must drink pepsi to lose weight.

6)The second ad appeal to imitation. Each people who wear this watch try to imitate this famous american's actor so they buy the watch who Brad Pitt wear.

7) There is a pun between the word "Diet" and the slogan "Help reduce the population". Indeed, this pun means you must drink this diet pepsi to lose weight because some people are overweight.

Thanks you very much !