Help me for a homework please

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Nov 14, 2010 18:26
The subject of the homework is in the picture.

This is the question of the homework :

Question : Title, Author :
Answer : The text names Corliss and the author of this text is Sherman Alexie.

Q : Setting/Scene and time :
A : The scene takes place in India, in 2003.

Q : Plot / Story (briefly, main idea).
A : It is a dialogue bewteen a young girl (Corliss), three uncle's Corliss and her father about a poem. Indeed, the scene begins when Corliss reads a poem written by Gerald Hepkins. The text is about the massacre of Indian by white people.
Then, one of the uncle say that the massare of Indian's people is not important and Corliss shoudn't read this poem because it's bad for her and.
Finally, we say her that she's pretty, smart and she don't wasting time with poems. It conseil to studying science, math, law and politic to be rich and famous.

Q : Your opinion (two items, each time)
What I liked :
A : What I found interesting is the Corliss's mentality because it's a girl not racist and very walls up.Moreover, she is interested by history and sensitive subjects.
Moreover, I also found interesting the text because he speaks about a very important subject that everybody should know.

What I disliked :
On the other hand, I don't like Corliss family's reflexion. Indeed, they are a bad reflection because they say this massacre isn't important.
Moreover, the family of Corliss is insensible even cruel because they laugh about massacre of Indians.

Q :
Others characters, alluded to : Can you help me for this question because I don't find any answer.

If you are better ideas, say them.

Thanks you.
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