Do you think life was better before ?

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Nov 10, 2012 06:43
For my point of view, life was better before for some reasons. To give you an example, the multiplication of social networks show us people are more and more addictive to something which is useless, for me. Nowadays, teenagers can't do without them; it's like a feeling of lack if you don't use them even more these social networks bring you nothing good except a school failure.
What's more, the rise of new technologies leads us to interact less at each other because we can communicate instantly through a screen. Nevertheless, increasingly people confuse real and virtual word. Life was more charming before people were texting and facebooking.

To give you another example, actually, we live in a word more and more unequal; in a country supposed to be developed like United States, rich people coexist with poor people.
On the one hand, we can see people with get what they want (car, television, house...) and on the other hand, we have the abandoned society who have to fight to get something. More we evolve, more there are inequalities.

I would also like to focus of the globalization. This phenomenon brings about slavery. Indeed, big corporations (Coca-Cola, Nike...) settle to undeveloped countries to use labour force cheaper and they exploited workers because there isn’t labour convention.
They take advantages of the situation without remorse while they earn a lot of millions.

To conclude, I am disgusted by the world work. I mean, in a lot of sector (bank, car dealer…) we have to deal with the figures otherwise you can be fire. Your boss does not care about your situation, regardless your problems. In some cases, you are even considered as a machine and you must work as a sheep.

This is why I think was better before even if it could be worst, at least in France.

Thank you so much !