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Jul 16, 2012 08:01 need help english
Hello everybody.

I'm a french student and I just passed an exam. Next year, I will go to the USA (maybe in New York City) because I have a work experience with my high school in a foreign country (from april to july)and I would like to go to NYC.

However, I have some problems with my English ; I mean, even if I understand sometimes what English's or American's peole say, sometimes, I can't understand a word they say.
To improve my English, I begin to read English's or American's newspapers. What's more, I watch movies in original version with french subtitles. Soon, I will watch movies without subtitles because I can remember vocabulary with this way.

Nevertheless, what would be the best for me, that would be to talk with English or American people. That's why I write this, to tell to this people if they can add me in Skype to talk to eachother to improve my English. It will be very nice. If you are agree, my Skype is SonicGame54 ; don't hesitate to add me !

Thank you very much.