Why Should We Read

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Nov 22, 2016 14:57
No matter how to study, even into a good university and find a good job, many people still can‘t be happy.Why do we insist on reading?I had to said,
reading is not be sure to do,but want to do.In the future,there is so many things we don't know and couldn't understand,and also we will encounter a lot of things
making us feel happiness,niceness and inconceivability.At this time,as a human being ,we would want to realize and learn naturally.Those who have lost their curiosity and thirst for knowledge, cannot be called a person, be worse than a beast.If a person even don'twant to know the world where we have to survive,there is
nothing he can do.No matter how to learn, as long as people alive will have a lot of things they don't understand.There are many adults seem to know everything,It is a pity, that are not true.Its good to enter a good university,find a good job,If we have the thought of “Never too old to learn. ”then our life wil have infinite possibilities.Reading are not to test but in order to be good adults.Thank you for your listening