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Oct 31, 2017 13:57

Assignment: Pick up a few character in the movie and create a story about their future (after the movie ended.)

10 years after the middle school boy is taken by the aliens, he comes back to earth, now age 22, to visit his mother and also to help the aliens take over the planet, because humans are so stupid they are destroying their own planet. He encounters the yakuza guy’s daughter, who is now grown up and working in the red light district, and they hit it off. They go on a few dates and he starts to feel his loyalties divided because he wants to help his alien buddies conquer earth but he really likes her. So he asks her to join him in their conquest, but she thinks he is crazy until he shows her his weird alien technology and gadgets. So she decides to join him and they go to the radio tower together where they install the alien technology that will transmit mind-controlling waves from the tower to brainwash the entire population of Japan, one of the central radio towers in Tokyo, because all the catastrophes always take place in Tokyo. The aliens have human agents in every country in the world doing the very same thing, and when the aliens give the signal, which is a giant blast of greenish light across the sky, they all activate the mind control transmitters simultaneously. Then the two of them are taken to the alien planet where they get married and live happily ever after.
The end
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