Kazakh Meat

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May 1, 2019 16:32
There is a word in Kazakh language. It’s sogym. When I first time asked people to explain to me its meaning, my coworker told to me, “A horse is fattened two or three months. When winter comes, people slaughter it and eat the meat during the winter.”
“So, sogym is horse meat, isn’t it?” I refined.
“No, not always.”
“Hem… Then it’s the supplies of meat for winter?”
“Yes, but not exactly.”
“What is it?”
“Don't bother me!”
Once I read an entry about Korean feast of kimchi. Recently I thought of that sogym is Kazakh “kimchi”. Cultures evolve in different circumstance and beget different customs, but it’s often is possible to find analogies. Some people keep on make Sogym. Other prefer to buy meat in stores or markets.
Kazakh Meat
There is a Kazakh course that known as Beshbarmak. Some people are against that name. Beshbarmak, as many other meals on East, is eaten with hands. They say that Beshbarmak means “five fingers”. And this name was invented by Russians. And this name is derisive. We mustn’t say Beshbarmak, we must say Kazakh Meat.
Once we were driving to another town and stopped by a road cafe for having lunch. We gave a look at the menu and ordered, "We would like Kazakh Meat" (it is made from meat with broth, dough and onion). When we were waiting our order, another customer entered the café. He was very respectable middle-aged Kazakh. He probably was an office-holder or businessman. He came to the counter an ordered, “Kazakh Besbarmak!” It seemed he was a joker or rebel.