The Spiral of Silence

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Dec 26, 2017 19:19
The Spiral of Silence is a conception of political science and mass communication. A German political scientist Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann proposed it. This theory claims that a person with less likely says his or her opinion if he or she finds himself or herself in the minority and fears to be in isolation. Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann considers spiral of silence is an attribute of public opinion. The theory uses a spiral as visual aids to show its main principle. In the end of spiral are people whom do not express their opinions for the fear of isolation. The person’s opinion different from general, the more below this person is in the spiral. The fear of isolation is a starting point for rotation of spiral. The size of the spiral increases with each new turn including more and more people, as result the majority may to accept position of silence, because everyone fear to conflict with dominative public opinion. The theory has some critic.Спираль_молчанияНоэль-Нойман,_Элизабет